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Submit Your Ad Today and Be Seen By Thousands draws 13,000 to 18,000 hits a day and the Classifieds are the most visited pages. You have the potential for your ad to be seen many times each day. Ads with a picture on the web site get the most responses, often the car is sold within hours or days of the ad being placed online. Many other people buy, sell, and find products because thousands of visitors view their ad.

HCCA members get 25% more text in their ad.  Log in to qualify.

Types of Ads

HCCA offers three classes of advertising.

(All ads will run for 30 days and can be renewed for $10 each additional month.)

1. Deluxe Photo Ad

This includes 1 photo and 600 characters of text to describe your ad. Pricing:

  • HCCA members $25.00
  • Non-HCCA members or business/commercial ads $40.00
    Enhance your photo ad with up to 4 more photos with captions for $10.00 more.
    Add a YouTube video to your ad and get Maximum Exposure for $10 more
  • 2. Deluxe Text Only Ad

    Ad includes 600 characters of text which is double the text of the free text-only ad.


    HCCA members $15.00
    Non-HCCA members $25.00

    3. Free Text Only Ad

    HCCA invites everyone to submit a FREE, limited, text-only ad.

    Logged-In HCCA members can include 375 characters of text.
    Non-logged in visitors can include 300 characters of text.

    (Note: Ads must be pre-1942 automotive related.)