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Classifieds : Wanted Items

Classifieds : Wanted Items
New Ads on December 06, 2021
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WTB: 40+ Horsepower Car

Our family is looking for a new to us car for future adventures. We are searching for a 40 plus horsepower, can be Touring, Roadster (Daughter Drives now). We are interested in a mechanically sound car, with an older restoration preferred. This condition will give me enough projects but without a full restoration needed
   Midland Park, NJ

Wanted: Continental 8R Waterpump

I'm looking for a waterpump impeller for a Continental 8R engine. A junk one for pattern or dimensions would be helpful too.
   Caledonia, WI

WTB Dietz

WTB Dietz Self Generating Headlamp "Lucifer". I'm looking for a mate to the one I have, mine was one of a pair, offered some time ago. One of the pair was sold, I would like to find the other one. Also, any Lucifer would be wanted. Also need early Dietz taillamp, also need early Dietz acetylene generator

Antique Electric Car Wanted

Looking for an antique electric car. I will consider a project car, a restored example, or anything in between. Thank you! Phillip
   St. Louis, MO

1904 Curved Dash Oldsmobile Carburetor

Searching for a 1904 Curved Dash Oldsmobile carburetor. Contact Bob at 330-336-6172 or email at
   Wadsworth, OH

Prest-o- Lite Running Board Brackets

Looking for one or two running board brackets for an early Prest-o-Lite acetylene "E" style tank. Dont need to be put on the car perfect.
   San Diego, CA

1911 Kissel D-11 50 HP PARTS WANTED

Looking for spare engine, Transmission rear end parts for my 1911 Kissel Kar D-11 50 HP car. What is out there? Also looking for a 1913 Pierce - Racine engine or Jugs for a 1913 Case model O 40 HP
   North Salt Lake, UT

Wanted - Bosch Type A coil/switch for magneto

I'm looking for a Bosch coil/switch Type A to go with my dual/duplex DU4 magneto. If you have one available please let me know. Thanks David Coco Winchester Va.
   Winchester, VA

Gray & Davis #108 Gas Headlamp Door Reflectors/Glass Retainers

In need of a pair of G&D #108 Gas Headlamp Door Reflectors which also act as glass retainers. O.D. to edge of flange is approx. 11 1/2".
   Sahuarita, AZ

Wanted-Metz 2 or 4 Cylinder

I am looking for a Metz, any year or body style from project condition ( must have all or most major parts ) to an old restoration needing a complete redo. No show cars or recent restorations.
   Mosheim, TN

Herschell Spillman Motor Co.

Hello everyone. We here at the Allan Herschell Carrousel Museum are seeking automobiles, engines, engine assembly stands and any items related to the Herschell Spillman Motor Co. There is little left after the company`s bankruptcy in 1924. From 1901 to 1924 they produced over 500,000 engines
   North Tonawanda, NY

Gray Tires 33x5 or 32x41/2

All - Need to locate SIX Gray Tires for Classic Kissel Gold Bug Speedster as shown.

Must be 33 x 5" or 32 x 4 1/2" to fit my 23" rims.

Will consider used ones IF they can be treated to appear new.

Contact me by phone or email

Thank you

   Birmingham, MI

Outboard axle support information

I'm looking for information on a touring car that had supports for the rear axles outboard of the rear wheels, pivoting in front of the wheels. This car was recently seen by a friend of mine on a TV ad. I'd like to know the make of the car, and any other information on outboard axle supports. Please respond to or 847-254-1655
   Northbrook, IL

1905 Or 1906 Reo Two Cylinder Flywheel

Looking for flywheel for two cylinder Reo 1905 or1906 disintegrating by crank need to find one or have one cast.If anyone has one let me know.
   Warren, NJ

need to move your car?

Transportation from Mass area to west coast from Seattle to San Diego. Leaving in 2 weeks. 40 foot enclosed trailer actual car guys picking up 2 cars in San Diego.. Have 1 car already heading west need another going west. Reasonable rate. Can't do pallets or heavy engines prefer a roller or runner. frontyboy 2ho6 919 1949(Seattle)
   Seattle, WA

Remy Electric Starter

Remy Electric Starter

Click photo for MORE Photos

Remy Starter, used on many mid teens cars, I will buy one, or parts, or make parts???

Please Help. The car is finished, and not having a starter is like a dog without a tail!!!!  Thanks

   Orange, CT

WTB: 1912-14 Cadillac or similar

Looking for an affordable larger touring car. Ideal is 1913/14 Cadillac but quite open minded. Budget is not boundless so am open to complete restoration project, older/tired restored car or a car in good fettle. Location is not an issue

34 x 4 1/2 Tires Wanted

Wanted to buy a good useable tire size 34 x 4 1/2 for a spare on a Stanley 735. Would be interested in more tires and tubes if available
   Bay City, MI

Rambler Cross Country 1913

Wanted wheel complete or rim and hub for a spare. Also spare wheel carrier or plans to make one.
   Mudgee, NSW, Australia

Wanted: Connecticut No2 6 cyl. distributor cap

Looking for a Connecticut No2 6 cylinder distributor cap, circa 1915-16. Used on Mitchell, Firestone-Columbus, Empire and others? Any leads appreciated.
   Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada

Hupmobile Model 20

I am looking for original copies of an owners instruction book and also parts manual for a 1910 Hupmobile Model 20 B please.
   Pittsburgh, PA

Sears Motor Buggy

Want any original Sears Motor Buggy literature, photos , parts or vehicle. would concern any other high wheeler except IHC Thank you . David Kolzow, Illinois
Contact: David Kolzow
   Earlville, IL

Buick Model 10 muffler ends needed.

Looking for the front and rear cast iron ends for a model 10 Buick muffler. The front casting has an 1-3/4" inlet in the center, the rear casting has about an 1-1/4" outlet in the upper side. These parts can be reproductions or original, there is also a cast bracket for the rear, be nice to have, but l can live without it. These were used on a number of models, 10 thru 36
Would the man in California who was cleaning out his father's storage unit on October 30th, and who sold me the Buick parts please contact me. The parts have not arrived and maybe you can help. Thanks
   West Salem, OH

1910 or 1911 International Harvester

Wanted : 1910 or 1911 International Harvester air cooled 4 cylinder roadster -runabout in any condition. Or any information on one would be very helpful Thank you very much.
   Kensington, OH

Want to Purchase A Vintage Automobile

I Want to buy a Classic Automobile 1900 to 1940, American - European - older restoration or original condition Thank You

Found on 10-13-2021

Found on 10-13-2021

   California or Missouri

Transportation Needed Minneapolis to Long Beach

Need to transport a car from Minneapolis to Long Beach CA. in the next 6 weeks. Length 145" height,with top up, 75" Please call Gary Griffin 507-649-7569
Contact: Gary Griffin
   Randolph, MN

Early Electric Car Sidelamps

Wanted: pair of early electric car sidelamps
   Northbrook, IL

33 X 4 1/2 Universal tread Whitewall tire

I am seeking one more 33 X 4 1/2 whitewall tire to complete a set. The tire can be used so long as it will look OK in the spare position. Ideally I would prefer one made by Universal.
I will be at Hershey in RWL-24 which is very near the HCCA tent.
   Hudson, FL

Wanted, Gehrig Tires, 34" X 4 1/2"

Gerhig tires, 34" x 4 ½". Need one, will take two. I will be at Hershey at RCD 38-40 from 5-8 Oct.
   Fairview Heights., IL

Tires wanted

Darrell in our Skagit /Snohomish Regional Group is looking for some 33 X 4 tires.
Further information can be obtained by calling him at: 360-746-8633
   Bellingham, WA

Wanted - One or Two Cylinder

We are looking for a one or two cylinder car to use for touring. Must be ready to go or almost. call or text me with details
   warren, NJ

Wanted 22 inch locking rim and split rim for 1908 Buick

I am in need of a locking rim and split rim for a 22 inch wheel for a 1908 Buick Model G, 2-cylinder
   Alexandria, VA

Haul my car from Omaha to Hershey

I need to haul one of my cars in an enclosed truck or trailer from Kansas City or Omaha to the Hershey meet Thank You Glen
   Plymouth, MA

Mid-Teens Warner Gear Steering Box

Mid-Teens Warner Gear Steering Box

Click photo to enlarge

Please help put an early Indy car back on the track

Looking for a mid-teens left-hand drive Warner Gear Co. steering box/column of the exact type as shown in the photo

I'm willing to consider partial boxes or even frozen up ones as well. Leads always appreciated!

Thanks very much

   Pecatonica, IL

1911 Inter State 50 Water Pump

1911 Inter State 50 Water Pump

Click photo to enlarge

Looking for a waterpump for a 1911 Inter State "50"

Need the aluminum housing, but will certainly take a complete pump.

Thank you

   Plymouth, MI

Wanted: Abbott-Detroit

Need Abbott-Detroit radiator emblem

Also interested in sales and owners manuals or photographs for the 1914 6 cylinder models

Other Abbott-Detroit automobilia or Continental 6P motor considered

   Vicksburg, MI

Brass era gearbox for Itala wanted

I’m looking for a suitable gearbox to complete the 1906 Itala rolling chassis and engine I have

Please get in touch if you have something suitable. Thank you

   Saxmundham , Suffolk UK

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